Some photos from around the neighborhood

Here are a smattering of photos from around our temporary neighborhood. There are books, carbs, plants and great views all within reach. So, life is good.

We took a stroll through the botanical gardens that are a block down from our temp apartment. Even though it's currently overcast and not much is growing, we could see that come summer, the place will just be overwhelmed with greenery. The garden is designed so that as you walk, you spiral up a hill and presented with an incredible view upon reaching the top. Definitely a place to come back to in the summer.

Also, ALSO, you guys, WE FOUND AN APARTMENT. I didn't want to say anything until all the paperwork was processed and the money hemorrhaging begun for fear of jinxing it. But it is ours, a vintage beauty that is both in a good area, in our price range and within spitting distance

(as in, I could lean out my window and spit on it, but I won't because that would be sacrilege)

of a delicious Lebanese restaurant. Our things come on Friday. I cannot wait to set up our new home. Pictures will follow.

But for now, a happy Tuesday.