Sunday: A time for brunch and adventure

In the short week we have been here, we have learned a few things. Namely, that Sundays are for chilling out. All the stores are closed (including grocery stores) and most of the restaurants so any and all procurement of goods needs to be done on Saturday. This ends up leaving Sunday for the following activities: dusting and rearranging one's collection of pre-WWII thimbles, harvesting lint balls from one's sweaters, getting dressed to work out and then deciding to rearrange all household books by author, etc.

Having reaped a bumper crop of lint the week before we arrived in Lausanne, we decided to spend our Sunday by having a little brunch at a local cafe and then taking a long and meandering walk along the lake.

Not really being brunch people in Chicago, the art of brunching (is that a legit verb, brunching?) is still new to us. We managed to ooze out of bed at the appropriately late hour and strolled to Cafe de Grancy which is a cute little restaurant that had the coziness one would expect when combining two meals.

The thing is, I could say that the reason I have never been into brunch is because I'm not a fan of enormous stacks of pancakes slathered with whipped cream and french toast where the bread is actually made from butter but that, Internet, would be a lie.

The fact of the matter is that I love decadent breakfast food. I love it so much that I have no self control whatsoever and end up eating myself into a painful, comatose oblivion that lasts the rest of the day. When I first moved to Chicago and discovered the wonder that is Flat Top Grill's endless brunch, I lost my mind with happiness. Then I realized that none of my clothes fit anymore so I forbid myself from ever going back. Moderation, sadly is not a term that I am familiar with.

In short, I was pleasantly surprised to see that this brunch consisted of lots of healthy, delicious options served in normal sized portions. We got an incredible bread basket with coffee and tea.

Anthony got some smoked salmon and toast (devoured too quickly to photograph) while I contented myself with a fruit salad. I expected to be served the standard bowl of three grapes, five pineapple chunks and assorted filler (ahem, melon), but what I received was this. A totally feng-shui bowl of fruity bliss. Fruit salad, I am sorry I pre-judged you. I retract any and all prior negative comments.

After we finished our meal, we headed down to the boulevard that runs along the water's edge.

I'm not sure how far the path extends, but we decided to walk as far as Lutry, three towns away.

It was nice to see how many people were out strolling. Even with the overcast and slightly nippy weather, the path was bustling.

Even the mountains made an appearance.

There were a number of swans gliding around. I've never really seen swans in the wild before so I was taken aback by their creepily agile snakelike necks. Not to judge prematurely, but I don't think we will ever be on the best of terms. I've seen Black Swan. I know what these things are capable of.

Here is Anthony patiently letting me take a photo of him and ignoring my pleas for him to smile.  (and I'm the stubborn one)

We passed so many sailing clubs. I can't wait for warmer weather when the lake is dotted with boats.

We meandered through Pully (Poo-wee)  where we found a number of interesting buildings and(and!!!) a miniature train track that insinuated that in the summer, a tiny little train, carrying adorable Swiss children will be running along it.

Taking advantage of a highly reflective door to grab a photo.

We made it to Lutry and decided to wander through the town. Falling somewhere on the scale of beauty between model village and Thomas Kincaid painting (haha! jokey jokes!), Lutry was magical. There were high pitched emotions falling out of my mouth in a way I'm not proud of, but I couldn't contain myself.

Can you blame me?

We found a little antique shop that was open for a few hours and poked around. The sheer volume of lovely things made it nearly impossible to act like financially responsible adults. While I did manage to avoid buying a wall cabinet with a hand-marbled interior (for now), I could not resist this vintage tobacco tin. I'm not sure what I'm going to use it for yet, but I highly doubt that I will ever get tired of looking at it.

Happy Wednesday!