At the risk of sounding as though we have fallen into a rut after only two weeks of being here, we decided to walk into Lutry again this past weekend.

Do you guys remember the computer game Myst? Doesn't this little octagonal building remind you of one of the buildings in the game? We've walked by it several times but cannot figure out what it is for. I can only assume that it is a magical portal waiting to transport a stranger to another age.

The volume of birds that partake in Sunday relaxation is staggering. Herons, swans, seagulls, pigeons, mallards and a number of interesting varieties I can't even name. Coming from Chicago I am used to associating birds (pigeons specifically) with germs, disease, and all manner of deformities. I have to admit that the very cool Swiss-ness of these birds is warming my begrudging heart a bit.

(A very little bit).

The mountains were very hazy that morning. I tried to capture their shyness.

After a cozy little lunch, we wandered around Lutry and Anthony decided he wanted to make some beef stew for dinner. While he was procuring vegetables, I poked around the farmer's stalls with my camera.

Wee carrots about to be slaughtered and boiled. Tasty.

Exhibit A

While Anthony chopped and diced and browned and sauteed, I sat by and...watched. In a helpful way.

Exhibit B

The cheap tea selection here is great.

While dinner bubbled away on the stove, I kept up my strength with the above gift from the sugar gods.

Our things arrived yesterday, delivered by the most good-natured crew of movers I have ever met. Even after carrying my appallingly heavy black cabinet up five flights of stairs, they proceeded to set it up while laughing and I kid you not, singing. Unreal. (In a good way).

This weekend we will be busy setting everything up and making our new place feel like home. I am so excited.

Happy weekend!