the week in tumblrs returns!

This is more like a summer recap in tumblrs as I was mighty negligent in my posting duties this summer. You'll have to forgive me though - in Chicago it is cold and dark for so much of the year that when summer comes around, replenishing the vitamin D supply takes priority over just about everything else.

The main project of my summer has been working on Spandex which debuted at the Chicago Fringe Festival last week to a great response. We spent weeks building the story and characters from numerous rounds of improv and Harolds and really thought provoking discussions about the American legal system. Above is half of our super talented cast modeling their costumes.

A few weeks ago, Fiat held a little event near one of our favorite restaurants. Since I am a tiny bit obsessed with Fiat we paid a visit and were rewarded with free gelato, a test drive and the above gem of a car that I wanted to steal and keep foreverandeveramen. Look at that little thing. Don't you just want to take it home and be best friends with it? Can you tell that I miss driving soveryverymuch?

I spent a good majority of my time this summer working on re-branding Wishbone's identity and creating a look for our season theme. Above is some of the collateral that we had made for our Season Announcement party in July. I love how they turned out and have been pinning the buttons to everything I own.

On my birthday, Anthony took me to a spectacular dinner at Gilt Bar which is the only restaurant I have ever wanted to permanently take up residence in...that's how good the food is. If you are in Chicago, you have to eat there if for no other reason than their mint chocolate chip ice cream is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Other things that are also out of this world include the entire rest of the menu. It's all I can do not to lick my plate.