on highly competitive word games

Among Anthony's family, Scrabble is not for the faint of heart.

It is a ferocious all-out-battle that sometimes demands an audience.

The stress is intense. I doubt world championship chess matches demand this much brain power.

This man is a ruthless Scrabbler. On our third date he challenged me to a game and I, being the naive and sweet tempered girl that I am (ha) thought 'oh, how cute. I love words. This will be funnn.' Yes, well, after losing by a several hundred point margin I realized that I was no longer in the Scrabble-Kansas of my youth.

Za on a triple letter score still gives me PTSD episodes. Unless I am the one playing it of course.

The Consultant.

Do you see that?!? 

Equine on a triple word score. This is what you go up against when you challenge a Dumville. Whenever I sit down to play, every lovely and eloquent word I know flies out of my head and are replaced with cat, hat, bat, etc. And if I don't have a 't,' well, then it's a REAL problem.