on good eating

A little rundown of the meals that began and ended our vacation.

Pre-dinner refreshments. Have you ever had Cocchi Americano? It's the perfect mix of sweet and bitter and is totally delicious. I don't even like to mix mine with anything except occasionally a little lemon.


A last minute dinner - pasta with some rustic tomato sauce, basil and Parmesan. Simple and very (ververy) tasty.

And clams. This was my first time ever tasting a clam that wasn't deep fried and crammed between a bun on a Friendly's clamwich (which I don't even think they carry anymore). They were delicious and oh-so-rich. Then again, I'm partial to any food that requires submersion in melted butter before consumption.

A dash of vegetables because they are good for you.

Prior to total demolition.

Summer flowers.