Lovely Girls

I like old things. Over the years I have developed a LOT of restraint when going to danger zones like flea markets and antique fairs (minus the Craigslist End Table Relapse of 2009. We do not talk about that). My kryptonite though lies in old photos showing interesting period clothing or weird situations. The clothing is easy enough to explain - I studied costume design in college and would troll the internet for photos that showed what kind of hat was appropriate for a morning visit in Victorian England or proper attire for an asylum inmate in the early 19th century (in case you are wondering, the answer is scant and covered with dirt). It's a good thing I didn't have access to Etsy at the time or I would not have had money for food.

So now I have a bit of a collection and I'd like to start sharing them here so they can perhaps inspire others. I unearthed these two interesting girls at an antique store in Chicago and am particularly enamored with them. The top girl especially is so interesting - I'm fascinated by her hairstyle (very modern) and the buttons on her jacket. I have no idea when these were taken but by the cloche hat on the girl below, I'm guessing sometime in the twenties. The photos have the slightest bit of hand tinting on them but don't appear to have been taken in a very formal studio setting - evidence given by the blurriness and half smile in the bottom photo. I love the style of these women and wish I knew the context in which these photos were taken.