Globus Design

Globus is the delectable food mecca located a ten minute walk from our apartment. Waaaay to close for responsible decision making.

We've come up with a strategy: save some money from the food budget each week so that at the end of the month we can go to Globus and splurge on irresponsibly delicious food items. This plan also keeps us from accidentally wandering in midweek (disaster) and allows us to have a pretty spectacular feast once a month.

The thing that makes Globus even harder to resist is the package design for their store-brand products. It's simple and lovely and makes their stuff really stand out on the shelf (and shout things like "take me home! Love me! I will make your spice rack look like a whimsical fairyland!). I particularly love the illustrations.

That apricot yogurt is not messing around. I wish I was eating it right now. Alas, there is much of May to go...