The view from here

If you could not tell from the previous post (written under hazy-at-best brain clarity) we have landed in the mountainous, chocolate and skier filled region that is known to the world as Lausanne. Or, as I have now come to know it, The-City-That-Is-Built-On-A-Mountain-Where-The-Coolest-Stuff-Is-On-Top-Of-The-Mountain-And-You-Always-Seem-To-Be-At-The-Bottom-Of-The-Mountain-So-Then-You-Need-To-Climb-The-Mountain. Given my recent tendency to sloth-like behavior, I think that this is probably a very good thing.

The really wonderful thing about hiking up and down though, is that the sights along the way are just spectacular. I'm not talking about grandiose, overdone fanciness here, just hundreds of little things along the way that could have been created without thought or care, but instead were created with an eye for beauty.

The place that I am reminded of the most as I walk around here is Disney World (well, minus the kids). The residences and pedestrian-only cobblestone streets and people strolling arm-in-arm in the evenings seems almost too perfect to be real. Granted, the reality is very present, but right now in the first rosy days of our stay here it is easy to pretend it doesn't.

As the sun set over the city, lights popped on in apartments on every street. As a total stranger here, it gave me such a sense of comfort to see people going on about their daily lives in their tiny, softly lit apartments. It reassures me that someday soon we too will be settled in a tiny apartment of our own and begin to belong here instead of looking at everything through the eyes of visitors.

We were able to see just a bit of the mountains before the sun went down. I hope to be able to photograph the scenery again soon when the weather is more accommodating. We capped off this evening's stroll with dinner at one of the few hotel restaurants open on New Year's Day. In the spirit of trying new things, I opted for the steak tar tare and it was incredible.

Cheers to a new year.