Thoughts from a new land

Post 1 from Lausanne:

Morale: High with a case of narcolepsy

Food: Supplies low, foraging proved both successful and delicious

Odd books spotted being read by strangers: 1, Fondue and Fur (?)

The weeks leading up to The Flight were so jam packed with goodbyes and dwelling on all the unknowns of All This Change, my thoughts on moving constantly flitted back and forth between PANIC! EXCITEMENT! PANIC! COOKIES! (I'm a stress eater) PANICPANICEXCITEMENT! etc. Wine in vast quantities did somewhat alleviate the panic portion of this issue.

The past few days were filled with packing, repacking, unpacking to find the things that we accidentally packed and suddenly needed, ironing, saying final farewells and running errands. When every last sock was stowed away, we headed to the airport and said goodbye to Anthony's parents.

Since we had no idea what traffic would be like on New Year's Eve, we got to the airport with hours to spare and spent it quietly occupied in the airport lounge. Anthony worked diligently on the world's largest crossword puzzle and I attempted to eat all the cheese cubes from the refreshment station (see above re: stress eating).

And then, the time came, our section was called for boarding and with shaking knees (literally) we headed into the unknown.

A mere six hours we are. More to come soon, but for now. Sleep.