The week in Tumblrs 7.8.11

Oh boy was this week a busy one.

On Monday, the actual 4th, Anthony and I flew home from South Carolina. We missed the holiday display of fireworks, but since they are in abundance in SC, I'm sure we'll get a show in at least once before the summer is over.

Ah, the glamour of operating a small theatre company. Wishbone's artistic director, John Mark, and I attended a healthy (

3.5 hours!!!

) lecture this week on the rules and regulations of achieving 501-C3 (tax exempt) status. It was run by a wonderful organization called Lawyers for the Creative Arts and was actually quite fascinating. You should see the stack of paperwork we've got to fill out!

Speaking of Wishbone, I've been working on a new identity for it which necessitates delving into the pantone world.

Oh, scooters. They seem like such the perfect mode of city transportation and it is fun to flirt with the idea of owning one (in this particular daydream flirtation, the harsh reality of only being able to actually use a scooter 5 months out of the year doesn't figure. Because that's what daydreams are for, dammit). Anthony found a place north of the city that restores vintage Vespas so we went to check it out. They were cute, we drooled and then took our scooter-less selves back home and continued to dream.