Fireworks and food

Fourth of July was pretty spectacular this year.

I hate overpacking. I spent so much time on the road my first few years at work that I got pretty adept at fitting an entire week's worth of clothes into a backpack and since that time will do just about anything to avoid a) checking a bag and b) having to worry about overhead bin space. And I like clothes. A lot. But I like just carrying one small bag through the airport even more.

All this to say that I've started keeping a stash of summer clothes at the lake so that I can pop a pair of shorts and a t-shirt in my purse and head on my way. This hat is actually Anthony's, but I've adopted it as it provides the perfect amount of shade for reading in the sun.

My dad is a huge fan of Mark Twain, so I got him the first volume of MT's musings for his birthday. 

I spent the weekend nursing this particular addiction. Actually, Megan and my cousin are both immersed in the series as well, so there was some pretty extreme geekage going on. Winter is Coming!

We went on an excursion to Wal Mart and lo and behold they carrie Essie! Megan and I splurged on some summer colors.

Mom likes to fatten us up when we come home. This was by our side the entire weekend. When not eating candy, we stuffed our faces with the following items:

 A gigantic pork shoulder.

Some incredible homemade bread.

Pre-dinner drinky drinks.

Steak and mushrooms.

Sinfully delicious mini cinnamon rolls.

The most decadent chocolate cake known to man.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend filled with family and food and oh-so-much fun.