I woke up early this morning and couldn't fall back asleep. Usually when this happens I lie staring at the clock, angry that everyone else in the world is peacefully asleep and I am not (not logical or reasonable I know, but I know better than to argue with my mind when it has not gotten enough sleep). When I can no longer pretend that I am going to fall asleep for more than five minutes at a stretch, I get up and start the day grumbling and frustrated.

This morning though, as I watched the sky turn from dark blue to blue to daylight I decided to go out and take a long walk. I loaded up my ipod, threw on some shoes and headed out. The first mile was a slog of grumpiness, but as I kept going, my mood began to lighten and I began to walk through the stresses and problems that caused me to wake up so early in the first place.

And then the sun came out over the lake just as I was turning around to head for home and it was magical.

I think I may make a habit of this.

Sidenote: I also had one of those divine inspirational moments when making my playlist. After just throwing a bunch of songs together, I started it the moment I left my building and had JUST the right amount of music so that the last song was ending as I walked back in. WIN!