a much needed picnic

We've been waiting f o r e v e r for even the tiniest inkling of summer (or spring...I will take anything that's not frozen and cloudy at this point) to show up in Chicago. I've unpacked and re-packed my winter clothes so many times it's laughable (or cry-able because that's what I do now every time I have to pull my #$%& sweaters out from under the bed and cast sad puppy eyes towards all the summer dresses patiently lined up in my closet).

But Monday.

Oh, Monday.

Monday was beautiful. And warm. So very warm. It was weather that required, nay, demanded a picnic. And winter in Chicago has turned us into quite dutiful soldiers when it comes to obeying the weather.

So we picnicked. The following photos were rather hastily taken as the art direction of lunch quickly fell victim to the eating of lunch. I have no regrets.

Black bean, corn and jicama (apparently the 'j' is silent??) salad which was delectable.

 Two kinds of cheese from the odds-and-ends 'little cheeses' basket at Whole Foods. Humbolt Fog is amazing for the record.

 And of course a Parisian starch to act as a vessel for the above accouterments.

 A little discovery: Cas Cal is a soda with a terribly boring and nondescript name but a GREAT taste. They make 4 flavors and since the soda is fermented in a process similar to beer it has a much more interesting flavor than most other sodas. It is excellent and I would highly recommend trying it out.

Cherries are about to be in season. The world rejoices.

Laziness. Also, happiness.

Cheers to relaxing sunny days.