current etsy cravings

I like to peruse Etsy when I'm bored. There is such a wealth of items on there that it's fun to troll the pages and see what magical treasures pop up (vintage shoe horns? Why not?). While this can sometimes lead to delightfully impulse purchases, usually it just adds to my trove of visual inspiration.

I stumbled across these adorable little French buildings one day and was totally smitten. The colors are gorgeous and I have a total weakness for tiny things (or clutter as my mom prefers to call them) so these went right to the top of my favorites list.

Ridiculously cute, right?

Clay has never looked so adorable.

Maybe someday I'll have a little clay French village on my desk. But for now I will continue to admire them via the internet.

All photos from ARTISANIEeurope check out her shop, there are so many more lovely things there!