a week in tumblrs 4.30.11

After months (and months and months and months) of cold, miserable, grey weather, we had TWO nice days in a row! Not only was the temperature above the puffy coat required digits, but we were graced with the sun's presence as well. On the first sunny days after a long Chicago winter, everyone walks around outside like they have just been freed from prison (partially true). There is a lot of looking up at the sky, stretching of arms and legs and baring of arms and toes. It is blissful.

I took the opportunity to banish all my sweaters and wool socks (and the dastardly puffy coat) to their respective homes (under the bed, out of sight and mind, etc.) and pull out the summer clothes. Short skirts! t-shirts! Shorts! I hope it stays warm because at this point, I don't think I'm mentally ready to reach back under the bed until October.

Here are some tumblr images from the week:

1. Scarves in Cole Haan 2. Some research for upcoming freelance work 3. The antidote to a blustery grey day 4. A new acquisition.

I hope your weekend is equally sunny and wonderful!