We visited Mürren last year for the first time and were unprepared (emotionally) for the epic views and (logistically) for the near vertical hikes. After reading that recount, fueled by images of her firstborn plummeting down the side of a mountain due to a lethal mix of stubbornness and frugality (both genetic by the way) my mom immediately ordered me a pair of proper hiking boots. Which meant that we had no choice but to return and finish what we started last fall.

This time we stayed in the town of Mürren which is filled with small chalets. The morning we set off, an intense fog blanketed the town and surrounding mountains. We decided to forgo the longer hike we'd planned and instead headed out on a lower trail.

While the peaks were not in view, seeing bits of them peek out between breaks in the clouds was just as breathtaking.

The fogged in path added a mysterious element to the whole hike. Everything was hushed, waiting.

Just as we were beginning to feel a bit nibbly, we came across a local farm selling homemade alpine cheese and venison sausage. Later, when we'd returned to Lausanne and all that were left of these delights were crumbs I strongly campaigned to get back in the car, drive for 2 1/2 hours and hike a few kilometers back to resupply. But, as with happens with many ideas dreamed up on a Friday night, comfy on the couch, it did not come to fruition.

We did actually return the following weekend but to hike down a much steeper trail, sans fog. 

Instead of cheese, we returned with these adorable little wooden cows which we gave a place of honor on our wedding "cake."