A weekend hike

With fall rapidly turning into winter, we decided to head up to Rochers-de-Naye for a hike before the snow started to fall.

To get to the trails, you take a cog-wheel train 45 minutes into the mountains. On the ride up, the sky was blue with just one cloud in the sky. As we approached the station, the sun began to fade and we realized that the one cloud had settled exactly where we'd hoped to hike.

After a quick confirmation that it was, in fact, gray in every direction, we decided to hike down the mountain, figuring that we'd get through the fog that way.

It's not unusual to see paragliders out in droves when the sky is clear.

There were even more than usual floating about and as we rounded a corner we soon learned why. 

It seemed to be a takeoff point for people well acquainted with the art of slowly falling. We stood for awhile, watching the gliders pop earbuds in, queue up some good music and then run off the side of the mountain.