A Busy Day

I had the opportunity to go to Rome for a meeting this week. My coworker and I arrived Thursday night just in time for dinner. Fresh from our health screenings* at work, we were determined to make responsible dietary choices**. Like truffle pasta and fruttini- tiny fruits and nuts stuffed with ice cream versions of themselves. Followed by an after-dinner cookie stop at a baker/butcher/cheesemonger/wineperson. The legs of ham were just a hair too big to fit under the seat on the ride home, otherwise...

The next morning we headed out early to catch a quick glimpse of the city before our meeting. After knocking back a few espressos, we had just enough time to spend 5 minutes gaping at the magnificence of the Pantheon. 

And then meetings, meetings, meetings followed by a mad dash to the airport, a quick flight back over the mountains and home in time for dinner.

*"Apparently," there is a serving size for cheese??????...what witchcraft is this?????

** Lies.