High Elevation Marmot Encounters

In Montreaux, there is a cog-wheel train that will take you on a 45-minute journey up into the mountains.

Standing on the lakeshore in Montreaux, you would never imagine views like this exist so far above your head.

But they do.

As we hiked along one of the many ridges, climbers appeared out of (seemingly) nowhere. Upon further inspection, it we discovered that they had climbed up the face of the mountain. My brain could not comprehend this until we inspected further:

This is the Via Ferrata. One of our Swiss friends explained it to us - apparently it's somewhere between really daring ladder climbing and really tame rock climbing. You clip into the ladder so it's quite safe. I think we will be trying this when the weather warms up. I am attempting pull ups in the meantime to build strength. So far I can do one-half of a pull up. Progress.

View back to the train station/hut/marmot village/yurts/platters of delicious assorted meats. This looks like the edge of the world, doesn't it?

Amazing views and epic mountain scenery isn't enough you say? You were expecting something more you say? WELL. Let me tell you about the marmots. They live in marmot villages. 

Because they are totally classy. And friendly.

And completely unaware they have giant front teeth. But they want to get to know you so badly that they'll throw themselves at the fence that stands between them and you. And the apple in your pocket. They really want to make friends with that apple.


Speaking of marmots, if you want your heart to explode from happy fuzziness, read THIS

After a super Swiss lunch, we started along one of the many other trails that run through the area.

There was a car rally going on somewhere below us and the sound of vintage engines got Anthony all distracted.

While we spent the entire day exploring, we only covered about a quarter of the trails that stem from Rochers-de-Naye. When the summer comes again I think we'll come properly equipped to do some serious hiking.