Down Schilthorn: A Delayed Third Act

So as we learned in our last installment, hiking from Schilthorn down to Mürren was not really a great idea. But after discussing the issue over a delicious starch-filled lunch, we decided to take the telecab down to Brig (the next vantage point). There, we eyed the smoother terrain and thought, 'hey this looks totally more doable.'

So we began our final descent. Kind of looks like the surface of the moon, doesn't it?

Mountains are deceiving. From the top of one, you can see all the way down to the place you are sleeping. Walking seems like a piece of cake.

But that view is full of lies. For close to three hours we meandered our way down. For the first two-thirds of that journey I could have sworn that we were on a treadmill as our destination seemed to remain impossibly far away. On the way we saw people hiking UP. As in started hiking all the way down where we parked our car with the intention of going alll the way up to Schilthorn. Using nothing but their feet. What is this sorcery? We (royal use) have invented telecabs for a reason. I am trying to ignore the fact that among these intrepid explorers were people both much younger and significantly older then us. And moving at a much faster pace. These encounters made me feel extremely lazy and unfit

(she says, as she types lethargically from the couch with a plate of cookies two inches away)

At last we began seeing familiar territory.

This is where I leave out the part about how we could barely walk for the next three days. I thought gravity was kinder on the muscles. I was wrong. I wonder how the upward hikers fared.

(probably better what with being magical elves and whatnot).

All in all, it was a great trip and worth it for the views alone. Someday when I learn to snowboard it will be fun to come back and try the slopes.