Mürren Part 1: Mountainous Mountains

After two different groups of friends told us about the magical wonderscape that is Mürren, we decided to take a weekend and check it out. 

As with many enchanting and magical locations, Mürren is located in a little section of the Bernese Oberland that cannot be reached by road. Instead you drive to the foot of the mountain and take a series of telecabs up, up, up.

That's Mürren in the lower right. To reach our pension, we needed to go higher still.

And then a short hike and we were at our lodging for the night.

The pension was a bit isolated, but had killer views. In the winter I'm pretty sure you can ski to the front door. It was unbelievable at night with every star visible, the only sound cowbells tinkling softly nearby (I guess the world is just a 24 hour buffet if you're a cow...which sounds almost fun until you remember that it's an all-grass buffet).

After settling in, we decided to take a little hike before dinner.

Which took us up to a (another) pretty spectacular view.

As we were to learn the next day, these were the small(er) mountains.

On the way back we stumbled across this miniature demolition derby. While we did not donate (no cash), I couldn't help but be amazed that despite living in Switzerland and touring around, there are people who actually LIVE in Switzerland. Who wake up to those mountains every day and bring their groceries up by telecab. Amazing.

We passed through the requisite cow pasture. They were unimpressed.

Yet they wanted us to stay. We had some dinner to get back to though, and a long day of exploring the next, so we made our farewells and headed home.