Paris Part 4: The day my wallet suffered

Sidenote: So June happened. It was filled with work and work and more work and a bit where I flew home and surprised my dad on his birthday and spent five wonderful days hanging out with my family. So now I am back and settled and can finally finish posting the rest of my Paris photos. Onward!

Towards the end of our first day in Paris, we stumbled into the Marais, home to the most amazing door ever.

By that point, we were too tired to explore the area with any diligence so over beers and potato chips, we decided to come back the following day and give the historical area a closer look.

I don't remember much after stepping through the doors of this glorious stationary store. I vaguely recall pulling items off the shelves and then handing over my credit card...probably not the most responsible of moments but I care not. Because, after four years of searching, I finally found an awesome portfolio.

Refueling is highly necessary during shopping excursions.

Wine at lunch - only on vacation.

Before moving here, I was not a huge fan of beef. I liked it, but never craved it. Now, however I can't get enough of it...the rarer the better. I've also been smuggling jars of Boar's Head Horseradish Sauce in from the states - it is a perfect complement to beef carpaccio

(meanwhile, Italians the world over feel a twinge in their hearts...I can't help it, I love horseradish. On everything. I do not discriminate.).

This is me doing my very best pensive orphan* impression.

Anthony bought a pair of amazing vintage sunglasses that I tried unsuccessfully to steal. Here he is looking debonair in them.

After dinner we decided to stroll down to see the Eiffel Tower.

We passed by this schmancy caviar and vodka emporium. I love the red and teal outside.

"Why don't we take a ride to the top?" We asked each other. "It's 10 PM, the line probably isn't too long."


Oh the folly of innocence. Had we decided to wait in line for the elevator to the top, we would still probably be there, over a month later, no closer to the front.

So we did the quicker option: walk across the river and take in the view from afar. Totally worth it.

*The Pensive Orphans is the name of my someday hipster band. The uniform will be vests and mustaches and we will sing songs with titles like 'St. John's Eco-velocipede' and 'Miss Mary upset the Soup Tureen...again'. It will be pretty underground, so if you never hear about it, it's probably because you're too mainstream. Or because I am all talk. One of the two.