Paris Part 2: Museum Bling

This post is pretty exclusively filled with things I found cool or would liked to have stolen from, the Louvre. 

Bird w/ personal bodyguard.

Judging you.

Tiny nudists.

Neck buttons lend an air of formality to even the dreariest of Tuesdays.

I'd be sad if I had to wear that hat too.

That lip color is really in right now.

Let's be honest, allegories and metaphors and religious meanings aside, I pretty much gravitate to the weird stuff in museums. Like the skull and other odd bits hanging off the belt of the girl in the middle.

This is just funny. I don't know why, but it gave me the museum giggles.

I get a similar look on my face when I realize at 7:01 PM that I have no dessert in the house and the grocery stores are all closed.

Door bling. Napoleon had such humble taste.

Breakfast Nook.


If pressed, I'd accept this as a gift.

Or this.

This I would outright steal.

Along with these.


We're going to close this post with the single best item in the whole museum. Amongst all the hundreds of thousands of exquisitely crafted works of art spanning thousands of years of human history, this little creature is sitting in a glass case blowing a raspberry at me because I am taking it all waaay too seriously. Just a good thing to know. For perspective.