Abundantly mountainous

Chronologically, this post belongs right after Gruyère, but I realized that I had totally missed posting about the Vevey funicular so I had to set that up before we got to this post. Because this post involves both a funicular AND a cable car. Up a bigger mountain. That is steeper. 

We left Gruyère equal parts confused and enamored with the touristy bizarreness of it (and with 50% of us seriously craving cheese).

 On the way home, we drove in and out of several little ski resort towns until the above wires caught our eyes. Before I had time to protest about being suspended hundreds of feet above a snowy, rocky death, Anthony had pulled into the parking lot and bought tickets to the top. The funicular ride was actually very beautiful, but when we switched to the cable car my knees started shaking a bit. It was less the height and more the swaying that occurred oh so very far from the ground.

As with our previous experience, the view at the top completely made the harrowing journey worth it.

We only had about fifteen minutes to run around and act like super tourists (No, but look at THAT mountain! It's the pointiest mountain ever! Look at the snow! It's as pure and white as baby angel dandruff!) before the cable car took its last descent for the evening.

The ride back was filled with kids. And they weren't scared, so I decided that maybe I needed to get over myself already. Or maybe those kids were just distracted by the delicious looking snacks their mom kept handing out. Did I mention that hunger was severely impacting my ability to behave in a normal manner at this time?

All in all a pretty adventurous spur-of-the-moment trip. Very worth it.