After a busy week at work, we decided that Saturday needed to be a day of relaxation. So we hopped in the car and began driving into the countryside. 

We've been having days on end of rain so it was nice to see everything beginning to bloom. And mountains. Mountains have nothing to do with the rain, but there they were as far as the eye could see in either direction. I did my duty and took some panoramic shots that will join all my other well-intentioned panoramic shots in a folder on my desktop that is definitely NOT called 'unprocessed crap'. Because I am a professional and never use rude words to identify desktop folders that I am too lazy to sort through.

Cool cuckoo-type church steeple.

I want a donkey. Badly. LOOK AT THAT FACE. And the ears.....

And they come in Fun Size!

Someone can't keep his hoofs to himself and was taking a time-out in the far corner of the field. When my back was turned he trotted back to the momma donkey and started rehearsing for xXxrealdonkeysgonewildcollegepartypaloozaxXx.com. That girl donkey though, was so not into it and gave him a swift kick in the-

oh, right, my grandparents read this. Back to lovely old buildings!

This was in the center square of Yverdon, a cute little town in the middle of the farmland. We had a bit of lunch and walked around until we (I) began to get cold (about 5 minutes).

Terra-cotta has got to be the best roof material ever. And I am absolutely saying that because it makes my pictures look better. 

Guard cow. Came over to see what was up.

I want pet cows. I will name them Burger, T-Bone, Kobe, Fillet and Sparkle.

Rolling hill porn.

And we'll end this brief tour of the Swiss countryside with a castle. We wanted to go inside, but it was all like "I'm closed to the public" so we were all like "BYE." And then went home and ate pizza and watched The Last Waltz and marveled yet again at Van Morrison's bedazzled track suit. Here's hoping that your weekend was equally relaxing!