Vevey Pt 3: Enough About the Swans Already

I know, I know, please stop it with the swans, but just humor me a little longer, okay? Living in Chicago, the only birds I really ever saw were the inbred, disease infested pigeon community. The amount of times I had encountered swans in my life until moving here resides somewhere slightly above zero. And now? They are all OVER the damn place. So I have been going overboard a bit, but I'll calm down eventually.

Swans are such bizarre creatures. Part beauty, part battleship and 1000%* narcissistic, they just command attention. And also? They appear to be kind of...well...assholes. Take a look at the action going on in the lower left hand corner of the above photo. Belligerence!

At some point during my photographing, they became aware that they were In the Public Eye and began some synchronized floating. Not unlike when the girls on America's Next Top Model holding hands on elimination day even though they are kind of hating each other.

Aaaand, then the short-lived civility wore off and we were back to swan-on-swan abuse. There are at least 2.5 example of nastiness going on in the above photograph.

So that is pretty much my current mindset towards swans at the moment. I think I've gotten it out of my system (for now) so I'll try and aim my camera lens at something else for awhile (maybe).

Happy Monday!

*Principles of mathematics disregarded for dramatic effect.