Work travels

This week I had the opportunity to travel to Milan for a day-long meeting. I left Lausanne late Monday evening - just as the sun was setting over the lake. I have seen some lovely sunsets in my life, but this was in I was waiting for the herd of unicorns to descend from their mountain lair and take wing over the water magical.* Alas it got dark much to quickly for me to see the unicorns, but that does not mean they weren't there. The other people in the cabin must be jaded towards sunsets and mythical creatures as they all seemed rather more interested in their various gadgets than the rainbow colored delight out our window.

(The only strange part of the journey involved a girl sitting across from me who sang and laughed to herself in a baby voice for a solid hour. Creepers. They be everywhere.)

My train got in pretty late to Milan so I decided to get up early on Tuesday so I could explore for a bit before work began.

As I was crossing the street from my hotel the next morning, a looming brick wall caught my eye. It was a castle. In the middle of the city. (Insert something about Kansas and small dogs here.)

I walked through the gates into a huge courtyard. The castle is now home to a museum. Note to self: check this out in its entirety at a later date.

I walked around and admired the decorative patterns covering some of the inner walls. I am sure there is a proper 'arty' term for decorative patterns, alas I do not know it.

Later that day, I had about 30 minutes to stroll around before catching my train home. The evening sun was casting a golden glow on all the buildings.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw this:

I had accidentally stumbled upon the Duomo di Milano and was transfixed. It had the trifecta of ornate detail, perfect light and contrast against the sky that rendered me pretty much speechless.

I stayed there, compulsively photographing it until I had to tear myself away and find a cab. I can't wait to go back to Milan. From some of the other people in the office, I have heard that the Design Week that takes place in April is a must see. Time to start making plans.

*Do unicorns live in lairs? Lairs sound so ominous. But then again so does a giant pointy horn sprouting from a horse's forehead.