Warning: gratuitous photos of scenery

Sunday we woke up, did the chore thing, loaded the squeaky raccoons into the washing machine and then looked at each other and said. "Now what?" It was 11 AM, so we had an early lunch and then since it was heavenly outside, we decided to take our favorite walk to Lutry and poke around a bit. 

On the way, I met a swan and we sized each other up. We then decided that a mutual disdain from afar would be appropriate. Friendships are complicated and you can't force things. Plus the bastard was the size of a three-year-old and after seeing the evil glow in its eye I had no intention of coming any closer.

Our destination in the distance.

Once in the town, we began poking about some of the mysterious little streets. One of them led us to the scene above: an archway straight out of Middle Earth. Or, you know, Medieval Switzerland.

I die.

Because we did not feel as though we had walked enough, we saw a nearly vertical hill and were all like. Yeah, let's see what's on top of that. Here I am awaiting a coronary.

Castle turned vineyard

Seriously. This is real.


. I don't believe it either.

On our way home, we stopped and had some coffee at a sidewalk cafe. I am rapidly developing an appreciation for the art of foamed milk atop coffee. It really takes away that nasty, bitter, oh what is it...right...


flavor. The sugar helps too.