Some Wednesday Loveliness

In honor of hump day, I'd like to share some beautiful things with you. (Still working out in my head how those two things are related, but who doesn't want to look at beautiful things regardless of the day?)

Without further ado:

Anthony's dad has been working on sculptures for the past few years and now has a growing collection of his cast pieces. This lovely girl came home with us at Thanksgiving and is now serenely brushing her hair atop my dresser.

Last year he created this ballerina which is one of my favorites. I love the wistful expression on her face and the gesture of her arm. Her dress, the rest of which is not pictured is absolutely beautiful.

This woman was voted a universal favorite by all of us over the holiday. Everything about her is exquisite from her face to her stance to how she is holding her mirror.

I love these pieces because they immediately make me wonder what the figures are thinking. They all have such wonderfully expressive faces - at once calm and a little melancholy. I love all the potential stories they contain.

I hope your hump day is a happy one!