Anthony had to go to Switzerland all last week for work. In between moping and eating lots of candy corn and spending an unspecified number of hours watching embarrassing tv shows, I managed to get some photo editing done and traveled far and wide across Atlanta and South Carolina for a birthday-wedding-family-friend-weekend-extravaganza.

Little trinkets from A's trip have been sprinkled across our apartment since his return home. While the Swiss have a reputation for being reserved, they certainly don't hold back when designing currency. I burst out laughing the first time I saw the wildly colored notes with pictures of such stern looking people on them...they look like monopoly money! And the coins go up to 5 CF...looks like a massive Robin Hood style coin purse is necessary to tote all this around.

Oh yeah, and a tin appeared, filled with lots of little chocolates that come individually wrapped in the most awesome little packages.

This picture is from yesterday. The volume contained within the tin displayed below has diminished greatly since as I performed a series of quality tests to ensure that Swiss chocolate is really all it is cracked up to be.


Translation: happy Wednesday from one whose mouth is filled with chocolate even though it is only breakfast.