on weekending

Let's be honest - the weekend is not a time to dress up, think about dressing up or even finding clothes that match. The weekend is for laundry and errands and recovering from nights that may have run a leeetle to late (see also, watching many episodes of The Wire

while lounging on the couch, reading George R.R. Martin novels and eating leftovers). SO, since we've now established that The Lazy is a large component of my weekends, I've been trying to find comfortable things that go together (adult garanimals if you will) and are not too fussy. H&M actually is a great place to find such things. This skirt? FIVE BUCKS. Seriously. 

Also I have kind of this sordid love affair going on with Madewell. After carrying around a canvas grocery bag as a purse for a year (because it could hold EVERYTHING), I decided to look for something a little more substantial. Enter

the most beautiful perfect tote bag in existence.

We will never part. I will carry my future children around in this.

I hope your Labor Day was comfy and fun!