Week in Tumblrs - recap edition

I'm a little delayed on the Week in Tumblr posts, so here's a little catch up of the past few weeks:

I love seeing peonies in the grocery store. The colors are so perfectly spring-like and they just seem like generally happy flowers. Even the name 'peony' just sounds happy. You have to smile when you say it...it just has that effect. On me at least.

I have been ogling scooters a little bit. It all started when I wanted a bike...and then began looking around at the less labor intensive transport options. Plus the colors! Are so beautiful! Not that I will be justifying a several thousand dollar purchase instead of a few hundred dollar one anytime soon, but it is fun to dream.

After monthsandmonths of lusting over a certain striped dress on Madewell, I decided to take the plunge and am ridiculously happy about it. Do not ask me how many times I wore it around my apartment before taking it out into the world because I will not tell you.

Game of Thrones

ended this Sunday as did (sadly) our weekly viewing party dinners. We decided to end the season with some overindulgence and feasted on a 10 pound chuck roast, the most decadent cornbread ever seen on planet earth (as in contained bacon, dripping from aforementioned bacon and cubes of pepper jack cheese) and my first stab at a cherry pie. The only thing missing were horns of ale.