the week in tumblrs 5.23.11

This weekend was spectacular. The weather, which until Friday, had been cold and dreary lightened its mood and we had 2.5 days of warmth and sun other words, spring.

I've lived in Chicago for almost three years now and still love visiting the Bean. The way it captures the skyline is just breathtaking (it's also thebestplace to people watch) The funny thing is that I never think to go unless people are visiting. We made sure to take advantage of this delightful tourist attraction while my sister was here. You can almost see our photo there behind all the handprints.

On Saturday we explored a mecca for lovers of old things. Architectural Artifacts is floors upon floors of  antique goodness. I have a whole post coming up about it later this week, but this photo was taken of a cast iron bathtub filled with vintage slides.

We did get caught in one impromptu rainstorm so we ducked into Spacca Napoli - a little pizzeria in Ravenswood that serves delicious and fresh thin crust pizzas. Everything that we tried was wonderful and we will definitely be going back.

Bookshelves are no joke in our apartment as we (okay, I) may or may not have a (slight) book accruing habit. These are various type specimen books with gorgeous inspiration.