a week in tumblrs 5.13.11

We took a walk at EXACTLY the right time where the sun makes awesome shadows on the sidewalk. I'm sure there's some tortured artist in New York City doing this exact same thing with the world's rarest camera and film that is handmade by nuns, but I think my iPhone captured the moment quite nicely.

Spent time with the Wishbone folks on Sunday postering in Wicker park for Vigils. In other news, postering is now a legitimate verb-y type word. While Wicker Park may be The Hipster Kingdom of Chicago, it also produces some damn fine coffee. And food. And clothing. And mustaches last seen in photos of turn-of-the-century homesteaders.

Bad judgement calls of the week: 

A) Wearing rain boots because the internet tells me to even though I can see that it is sunny and warm outside

B) Walking two miles round trip to the grocery store in previously mentioned rain boots with no socks in what turned out to be 80 degree weather. Blisters.

Storms have been rolling in and out of Chicago all week making for some pretty unreal sunsets. Last night's appears to have been art directed by someone who really liked My Little Ponies circa 1989.

This is a tabletop in the most depressing food court this earth has ever seen. The tables however, know what's up.