on the devil being in the details

I posted some images of these antique children's clothes on my tumblr a few weeks back, but the work is so exquisite, I wanted to share the more detailed photos I took here.

All these pieces are handmade and were rescued from being thrown out (Sacrilege!) by Anthony's mom who now keeps them safe and sound.

When we were in Providence, she brought them out and we spent the afternoon admiring the hours and hours of hand work that must have gone into making them.

I literally cannot imagine doing this without the aid of a sewing machine.

Can you imagine putting this level of handcrafted detail onto what is essentially underwear for a toddler?

The photo below is my favorite piece: a teeny tiny skirt of cream cotton covered with a pattern of cornflower blue. If the waist wasn't all of about 10 inches, I would be wearing it all over the place.

the week in tumblrs returns!

This is more like a summer recap in tumblrs as I was mighty negligent in my posting duties this summer. You'll have to forgive me though - in Chicago it is cold and dark for so much of the year that when summer comes around, replenishing the vitamin D supply takes priority over just about everything else.

The main project of my summer has been working on Spandex which debuted at the Chicago Fringe Festival last week to a great response. We spent weeks building the story and characters from numerous rounds of improv and Harolds and really thought provoking discussions about the American legal system. Above is half of our super talented cast modeling their costumes.

A few weeks ago, Fiat held a little event near one of our favorite restaurants. Since I am a tiny bit obsessed with Fiat we paid a visit and were rewarded with free gelato, a test drive and the above gem of a car that I wanted to steal and keep foreverandeveramen. Look at that little thing. Don't you just want to take it home and be best friends with it? Can you tell that I miss driving soveryverymuch?

I spent a good majority of my time this summer working on re-branding Wishbone's identity and creating a look for our season theme. Above is some of the collateral that we had made for our Season Announcement party in July. I love how they turned out and have been pinning the buttons to everything I own.

On my birthday, Anthony took me to a spectacular dinner at Gilt Bar which is the only restaurant I have ever wanted to permanently take up residence in...that's how good the food is. If you are in Chicago, you have to eat there if for no other reason than their mint chocolate chip ice cream is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Other things that are also out of this world include the entire rest of the menu. It's all I can do not to lick my plate.

The week in Tumblrs 7.8.11

Oh boy was this week a busy one.

On Monday, the actual 4th, Anthony and I flew home from South Carolina. We missed the holiday display of fireworks, but since they are in abundance in SC, I'm sure we'll get a show in at least once before the summer is over.

Ah, the glamour of operating a small theatre company. Wishbone's artistic director, John Mark, and I attended a healthy (

3.5 hours!!!

) lecture this week on the rules and regulations of achieving 501-C3 (tax exempt) status. It was run by a wonderful organization called Lawyers for the Creative Arts and was actually quite fascinating. You should see the stack of paperwork we've got to fill out!

Speaking of Wishbone, I've been working on a new identity for it which necessitates delving into the pantone world.

Oh, scooters. They seem like such the perfect mode of city transportation and it is fun to flirt with the idea of owning one (in this particular daydream flirtation, the harsh reality of only being able to actually use a scooter 5 months out of the year doesn't figure. Because that's what daydreams are for, dammit). Anthony found a place north of the city that restores vintage Vespas so we went to check it out. They were cute, we drooled and then took our scooter-less selves back home and continued to dream.

Week in Tumblrs - recap edition

I'm a little delayed on the Week in Tumblr posts, so here's a little catch up of the past few weeks:

I love seeing peonies in the grocery store. The colors are so perfectly spring-like and they just seem like generally happy flowers. Even the name 'peony' just sounds happy. You have to smile when you say it...it just has that effect. On me at least.

I have been ogling scooters a little bit. It all started when I wanted a bike...and then began looking around at the less labor intensive transport options. Plus the colors! Are so beautiful! Not that I will be justifying a several thousand dollar purchase instead of a few hundred dollar one anytime soon, but it is fun to dream.

After monthsandmonths of lusting over a certain striped dress on Madewell, I decided to take the plunge and am ridiculously happy about it. Do not ask me how many times I wore it around my apartment before taking it out into the world because I will not tell you.

Game of Thrones

ended this Sunday as did (sadly) our weekly viewing party dinners. We decided to end the season with some overindulgence and feasted on a 10 pound chuck roast, the most decadent cornbread ever seen on planet earth (as in contained bacon, dripping from aforementioned bacon and cubes of pepper jack cheese) and my first stab at a cherry pie. The only thing missing were horns of ale.

the week in tumblrs 5.23.11

This weekend was spectacular. The weather, which until Friday, had been cold and dreary lightened its mood and we had 2.5 days of warmth and sun and...in other words, spring.

I've lived in Chicago for almost three years now and still love visiting the Bean. The way it captures the skyline is just breathtaking (it's also thebestplace to people watch) The funny thing is that I never think to go unless people are visiting. We made sure to take advantage of this delightful tourist attraction while my sister was here. You can almost see our photo there behind all the handprints.

On Saturday we explored a mecca for lovers of old things. Architectural Artifacts is floors upon floors of  antique goodness. I have a whole post coming up about it later this week, but this photo was taken of a cast iron bathtub filled with vintage slides.

We did get caught in one impromptu rainstorm so we ducked into Spacca Napoli - a little pizzeria in Ravenswood that serves delicious and fresh thin crust pizzas. Everything that we tried was wonderful and we will definitely be going back.

Bookshelves are no joke in our apartment as we (okay, I) may or may not have a (slight) book accruing habit. These are various type specimen books with gorgeous inspiration.

a week in tumblrs 5.13.11

We took a walk at EXACTLY the right time where the sun makes awesome shadows on the sidewalk. I'm sure there's some tortured artist in New York City doing this exact same thing with the world's rarest camera and film that is handmade by nuns, but I think my iPhone captured the moment quite nicely.

Spent time with the Wishbone folks on Sunday postering in Wicker park for Vigils. In other news, postering is now a legitimate verb-y type word. While Wicker Park may be The Hipster Kingdom of Chicago, it also produces some damn fine coffee. And food. And clothing. And mustaches last seen in photos of turn-of-the-century homesteaders.

Bad judgement calls of the week: 

A) Wearing rain boots because the internet tells me to even though I can see that it is sunny and warm outside

B) Walking two miles round trip to the grocery store in previously mentioned rain boots with no socks in what turned out to be 80 degree weather. Blisters.

Storms have been rolling in and out of Chicago all week making for some pretty unreal sunsets. Last night's appears to have been art directed by someone who really liked My Little Ponies circa 1989.

This is a tabletop in the most depressing food court this earth has ever seen. The tables however, know what's up.