March 2013: Walking on Water

One of our favorite not-too-far-away weekend spots is about a 35 minute drive from Lausanne in the Vallée de Joux. The lake is the largest in Switzerland above 1,000 meters which means that if it gets cold enough during the winter months, the entire surface freezes, creating a surreal, walkable landscape.

Last year the lake took awhile to freeze but one Friday in March, near the end of winter, we got an excited text from a friend: check the website! The lake is frozen!

The town bordering the side of the lake we usually spend time in is quite small so with the news spreading and a spring thaw already happening in other parts of the country, the crowds were large and the parking situation chaotic.

But when you spread thousands of people over an enormous lake, the noise dissipates and everything becomes quite serene.

These brilliant people had the foresight to plan a fondue party. I stared, jealous, for an inappropriate amount of time.

There were kites flying.

And how about an incredibly weather-specific sailing sport? That involves very high-tech looking boats (are they boats?) and a LOT of prepping and waiting for just the right wind to come your way. I think this pastime is several income brackets away from me.

Looks like fun.

Our curiosity peaked over some mysterious numbers painted on a rock wall bordering one side of the lake– so much so that we crossed suspiciously mushy ice to try and decipher them.

Then we got yelled at and had to wander back to safer terrain.

As it is now again winter, we are anxiously awaiting the next freeze. I hope it comes soon! If not, the consolation is that we will still get to enjoy summertime picnics and gelato by the lake as we escape the summer heat of Lausanne.

Creepy Baby Hands

Work, life and oddly spaced holidays have kept me away from this blog for the past week or so. To make up for it, I present you with the following: one magnificent facepalm and three photos in which people are being touched by creepy baby hands. View, enjoy, ponder the unimaginable hours of human labor that went into sculpting these creepy babies and then tomorrow we will begin again with this photo posting business.

And it shall be called: I Thought I Told You I Like My Sweaters Air Dried. Also Where Are the Organic Strawberries I asked For?

And it shall be called: Nah Steve, I Got This Round. Nancy Will Text You...I Hope...Because You're Kind Of A Downer When Women Don't Call You Back.

And it shall be called: Nothing...I just have...nothing. But I had to post it just so others could bear witness to the fact that this is a disembodied baby hand on a naked woman's back. Are we all in agreement that that is what we are looking at right now? Yes? Good.

Happy Tuesday!


A few months ago, my mom and I were sorting through some old family photos and I stumbled upon these gems of my grandmother and her twin brother in their Halloween costumes. The photos weren't dated, but I am guessing that these were taken sometime in the early to mid 1930's. What better day to share them than today?

Don't they look great? I am particularly enamored with the beautiful eeriness of their masks. Although the sepia tone of the photographs surely has something to do with the eerie quality. If I know my grandmother, I am sure she was excited and probably had some devilish little tricks up her sleeve :)

Happy Halloween!

on the devil being in the details

I posted some images of these antique children's clothes on my tumblr a few weeks back, but the work is so exquisite, I wanted to share the more detailed photos I took here.

All these pieces are handmade and were rescued from being thrown out (Sacrilege!) by Anthony's mom who now keeps them safe and sound.

When we were in Providence, she brought them out and we spent the afternoon admiring the hours and hours of hand work that must have gone into making them.

I literally cannot imagine doing this without the aid of a sewing machine.

Can you imagine putting this level of handcrafted detail onto what is essentially underwear for a toddler?

The photo below is my favorite piece: a teeny tiny skirt of cream cotton covered with a pattern of cornflower blue. If the waist wasn't all of about 10 inches, I would be wearing it all over the place.